Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm sooo excited!!!

Last night I stayed up until 1am and finally got my scrap table all ready to go!! yaaay!! I can't wait until tonight when the kids are in bed! I will finally be able to do some creating!!! I'm soooo excited!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Official!

So, I know it's been quite a while since my last post, but I've been pretty busy! We have finally made the "big" move to Big Lake, and we're *almost* finished at the "stinky house" as my 3 year old calls it! lol I probably have one more van load of our stuff to bring out to our new place, and then I just have to finish cleaning. I'm pretty excited to get it over and done with! This month has been a total worlwind! Ethan started preschool (which he loves!) he doesn't even care too much that I leave, and that I was TOTALLY surprised with because he's a total Mama's Boy! We had to pack up and re-locate, which has been nothing short of exhausting and extremely hard to do when you've got two little kids who can't go into the house with you while you pack. So it's been night time packing and a lot of Chris doing it while I stayed at my mom's with the kids. I'm really really glad that's almost over! I think I can safely say that by the weekend, we will be DONE! YAAAY!! And the third thing that's been going on this month is that my dear littlest boy Caleb has decided that he's going to get all his teeth at once! And I'm not even exaggerating that at all! His first tooth came in on August 25th, and now he's got 8! Can you freakin believe it?! Everyone keeps telling me that at least this means he's getting it over and done with, and I know that's true, but it's still hard to be greatful of that when you're awake at 3 in the morning for 2 hours with a screaming baby! Hopefully we're on the tail end of that as well.

I am definately looking forward to a little down time...who knows maybe in a week or so, my bedroom will be unpacked, and I can enjoy a little "me" time, playing with all my scrap supplies! I've been going through crazy withdrawls! I've been scrapbooking in my head, so by the time I actually get to sit down and glue pictures to paper, I might be on quite a roll! lol!

Anyway, it's past my bedtime, so goodnight everyone and thanks for checking out my little corner of the web!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Let us Never Forget

I just wanted to remind everyone to say a prayer for the families of the tragedy that took place on 9/11. Many lives were lost that day, but I hope that some good might have come out of it as well. I believe that many people joined together to help their fellow man in a time of grave need that day, and we will always remember the people who's lives were needlessly lost that day. Let's not ever forget. Also, although some might find it hard, I would like to say a prayer for the people responsible for those attacks, in hope that they will someday change their ways.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

KChipman Photography

A friend of mine that I met when I worked at Zone 4 has recently started her own photography business, and her work is AMAZING! She does such artistic work and she definately has an eye for capturing great moments.
I definately recommend that you check out her site KChipman Photography. It has a huge sample of her work, and you will not be dissapointed!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week 5 Sense-ational Summer Challenge!

So, this is the last week of the Dixie Pieces Challenge, and you probably guessed what it's going to be if you've been following it at all. Yes, it's the Sounds of Summer! Now bear with me because I took a really crappy picture of this one, and unfortunately cannot do a retake as I brought it in to Creative Accents here it is, hopefully you can see it! lol

I chose this picture of my mom and sisters in Disneyland because I've always loved it there and it does have such magical sounds. They may not be the typical sounds of summer, but what's the fun in doing something typical? And I figured since California is pretty much summery all the time, it's the perfect pic for the "sounds of summer"

The technique we had to use this week was all of the other previous techniques in one LO. So we had to incorporate stitching, fussy cutting, painting, and doodling. I finally used my Bazzil stitching templates to stitch the flourish over the picture. I was quite impressed with how easy they were to use (once I finally stabbed the needle through a picture and 2 layers of cardstock! lol) I hand painted little stars and randomly added bling to some of them. I hand cut the square holes that have the hand cut paislees in them also. I used the new Haunted alphabet from Quickutz, which I'm absolutely in love with! It's so creepy, but can also be really great for a whimsical LO like this one!

This will probably be the last of the scrapping until I get into my new place unfortunately. I can already feel the withdrawl setting in!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're back!

So we just got back from our little end of summer vacation, and although we did have the thought of coming home to no home (we're staying at my mom's right now) looming over our heads we still had an awesome time! We went down to the Lower Mainland and we stayed in Aldergrove. The first night we were there we went to Langly and took the kids to Chuck E Cheeses. The kids had a blast! We had a lot of fun too, however by the end of the night I was definately suffering from over stimulation! After Chuck E Cheeses we went next door to the Marble Slab for some desert. It was sooo yummy! I think it was the best ice cream I've ever had (as it should be for almost 20 bucks for the three of us!). The next day we took the kids to the zoo (now I can finally use all that zoo paper I've been collecting!) We took a train ride around the zoo and saw all the animals. They had Zebras, Lions, Tigers, Turtles, Pink Flamingos...a whole bunch of really cool animals. We also rented a bik there for an hour. They have these bikes that seat 3 people in the front and there's a basket in front for 2 more kids to sit in. It looked like a lot of fun (and it was), but holy cow what a work out!! We somehow managed to go uphill almost all the way too! (or at least it seemed like it anyway!)
The last day we were there we went to Whiterock and spent the morning at the beach. For that reason alone I wished that we lived down at the coast. I couldn't handle all the traffic and busy-ness, but I LOVE the ocean, and the kids have sooo much fun there!
All in all, it was a really good trip! We had quite the scare on the way home though. In 100 mile we went to fill up our tank and it wouldn't accept our card, so we thought we'd spent all our money! We couldn't even check until we got home! For whatever reason it didn't work, it wasn't because we were broke, thank God! But what a scare!
So, now we're back to reality...and packing up our house to move, but I will keep you all posted on our progress, and maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get to scrap a bit here and there!

Ciao for Now!