Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quickutz Ambassador Program

So I applied to be part of the Quickutz Ambassador program! You had to do a questionaire and submit a 2 page layout, so this is the one I submitted! I think it would be so fun to do something like that!! Wish Me Luck!! *fingers crossed*

Saturday, May 30, 2009

So...The Garage Sale is going good so far I've made $200.00! Unfortunately, I don't get to spend it on Quickutz! lol However, I DO get to spend it taking my 3 year old son to see Thomas the Train in Squamish on the 6th of June (I'm already scrapbooking the pics in my head! I can use my Quickutz trains! yay! lol)

Is there a 12 step program for Quickutz addicts? I think maybe there should be! lol

I am seeing the signs of addiction everywhere...a messy house, a drained bank account, and still all I can think of is SCRAPBOOKING! hehe yup, I'm an addict! oh well, like I told my husband while trying to convince him to buy me the Flirt gift set, he said "115.00! That's as much as some of my tools!" then I said "yeah, these are MY tools" then he said "yeah, but mine at least make me money!" and I said "yes, but mine make me HAPPY, and who knows, maybe some day they'll make me money!" lol (btw, he bought me the set!!) some say I should've been a lawyer! lol

On another note, I'm sooo excited to take Ethan to Thomas, he's going to have soooo much fun! He asked me yesterday if he could wear his Thomas costume to Squamish! he's soo cute! This is a pic of him on Halloween night. My little Thomas!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a Love Affair with Quickutz...

I LOOOVE the new spring gift sets!!! I can't decide which one is my favourite! I think Flirt is though, it gives me an opportunity to scrap some girly stuff...which is few and far between when you have 2 boys! That perfume bottle is just tooo cute! aaahh! it's turning me into such a girl!! (as a major tomboy that's quite a feat! lol) My husband just bought me the new Flirt gift set tonight, and I just had to come home and try it out! So here it is...straight outta hairdressing school...or still in school I guess! Hey, at least it doesn't say "Beauty School Drop Out!" lol
You will all have to forgive me, as it's 1:30 am, and I'm a little sleeptarded and giddy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

So, today I managed to work on my basement for 3 hours straight! I'm having a garage sale in just under 2 weeks, and I'm really trying to simplify my life, which means letting go of all these things that I have been holding onto for years...I have minor packrat tendencies, so I'm finding it a little difficult. What is making it a little bit easier is knowing that I will soon be moving to Big Lake, and my stuff will have to go into storage, so I am trying to look at these things and think "do I really want to pay to store that?" It's helping a bit...we'll see how things go...on Wednesday, my husband is taking Ethan to Big Lake to visit his parents, and leaving me home with Caleb so I can get all this stuff sorted out. Hopefully by Wednesday night it's all done...but I somehow think I might need a little more time than that! Thanks to Caleb, who slept for 3 hours in a row, I got a lot done today! YAY! I love it when you feel like you've gotten something accomplished in a day. With 2 small kids, sometimes I go all day, and I look around the house which I have been cleaning on and off all day, and it still doesn't look like I did anything! At least today I feel like I've put a dent in the pile!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm totally blown away by the concept of "candy" I've never heard of this before...why do people do it? do they have an endless supply of scrapbooking stuff? It's really quite nice, I'm not complaining at all, I'm just confused...I don't really know the point, other than to get more people to look at your blog...but I LOVE IT! hehehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This was the other layout I did at that same crop. This one took me all of half an hour, and the other one took the other 5 and a half hours! lol
I love the simplicity in this page just see the picture, and it's one of my favourite pics of me and my first baby boy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Caleb

This is one of my Favourite layouts! I did this at the first crop I ever went to at Creative Accents (plug...plug...) I love the quickutz animals! I'm kind of a quickutz junkie! I would say that I'm sooo glad I discoverd husband on the other hand, may think differently! I'm sure he'd rather spend money on something tools...well His tools! lol I'm only sad that I didn't buy the Exotic Island gift set last year...after using it in this layout, I wish I had it...oh well, c'est la vie! I'm very excited for the new gift sets this year! and I can't wait to use them!!


I don't know why I don't do more double page layouts. Specially since I have a million and one pics to scrap...then I go and do them one at a time! I did this one last year, but it has been inspiring me lately to do more double pagers. If I do single pages, I've been trying to use more than one pic in them...we'll see how that goes! I just love these pics of Ethan from last spring...he's soo much fun! And he kind of reminds me of Star Wars a bit! lol that was the beginning of his "sword fighting" stage that has continued since then!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some Cards

I'm pretty new at the art of cardmaking, I used to just make a card because I had all the stuff and I didn't want to pay for a card at the store, but I'm kind of getting into cardmaking a bit. I like the instant gratification of making a card, and it doesn't take me nearly as much time to make a card as it does a scrapbook page. According to my sister, I'm slow! lol I can't help myself, I like to move things around, and make sure that I really like it the way I have it! If I don't like my layout, then I move it around and do it all over again! I think maybe it takes me so long because I never use a sketch to do my layouts I just find a picture I want to scrap, then move it around and find paper, add would probably take me less time if I had a sketch, but I've never been much of a planner! Oh are some of my "noob" cards ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is another pic of me from quite a few years ago. I think I was 18 in this picture, so almost 10 years ago! I was in Universal Studios hanging out with Frankenstein!
This page is a recent one I did at a crop I was at. The pic was taken 9 years ago when my little sis was only 1. It's one of my favourite pics of me and Jayden because like the title says, she's such a little princess, and there's me on the opposite side of the spectrum, in true punk style! I love that I can scrap with these girly papers and everything too, because I have 2 boys, but I also have an addiction to girly papers and flowers and stuff! If you knew me when I was younger, you would've never thought that the words "girly" and "Sarah" would ever be in the same sentence...who knew?! I also never thought I'd be called "Suzie Homemaker" but what do ya know?! 3 times in one day! Just goes to show how much people change in a lifetime!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Morning!

Well, I'm just learning how to do this blog thingy...I'm a total noob! Bear with me, and maybe one day there will be something interesting on here! lol I want to eventually post some of my scrapbook pages on here and just cool techniques that I've learned along the way. Hopefully I might inspire someone who needs inspiration. I know that looking at other people's work always inspires me!

I'm feeling very overwhelmed today with all the things I "should" be doing (as I sit here and post lol). My 3 month old son is growing out of his bassinette, and we only have 2 bedrooms upstairs, so I have to rearrange my basement and turn it into a toy room so that my two sons can share a bedroom. So, I'm thinking about how to do that, I have to clean my floors, do my recycling, and my laundry room is turning into an enormous mountain of clothes! OH! and I'm also having an Epicure party tomorrow, so I have to get ready for that too! But I've come to the conclusion that my life is not my own if it isn't hectic, and I think that might be the way that I thrive! If I feel like I only have a few things on the go, I usually decide to take on some monumental organizing the pantry, or washing the walls! Oh, the life of a housewife! Who is it that says it's not a full time job staying at home with kids? Those who don't do it! hehe

So, life goes on, as usual, and I am off to let my oldest son go on the Thomas website with me for a while before my youngest wakes up for his nap! Then I'm off to the grocery store, the recycling depo, and the gym! lol There is truly no rest for the wicked! But I wouldn't have it any other way!