Saturday, May 30, 2009

So...The Garage Sale is going good so far I've made $200.00! Unfortunately, I don't get to spend it on Quickutz! lol However, I DO get to spend it taking my 3 year old son to see Thomas the Train in Squamish on the 6th of June (I'm already scrapbooking the pics in my head! I can use my Quickutz trains! yay! lol)

Is there a 12 step program for Quickutz addicts? I think maybe there should be! lol

I am seeing the signs of addiction everywhere...a messy house, a drained bank account, and still all I can think of is SCRAPBOOKING! hehe yup, I'm an addict! oh well, like I told my husband while trying to convince him to buy me the Flirt gift set, he said "115.00! That's as much as some of my tools!" then I said "yeah, these are MY tools" then he said "yeah, but mine at least make me money!" and I said "yes, but mine make me HAPPY, and who knows, maybe some day they'll make me money!" lol (btw, he bought me the set!!) some say I should've been a lawyer! lol

On another note, I'm sooo excited to take Ethan to Thomas, he's going to have soooo much fun! He asked me yesterday if he could wear his Thomas costume to Squamish! he's soo cute! This is a pic of him on Halloween night. My little Thomas!

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