Monday, May 18, 2009

So, today I managed to work on my basement for 3 hours straight! I'm having a garage sale in just under 2 weeks, and I'm really trying to simplify my life, which means letting go of all these things that I have been holding onto for years...I have minor packrat tendencies, so I'm finding it a little difficult. What is making it a little bit easier is knowing that I will soon be moving to Big Lake, and my stuff will have to go into storage, so I am trying to look at these things and think "do I really want to pay to store that?" It's helping a bit...we'll see how things go...on Wednesday, my husband is taking Ethan to Big Lake to visit his parents, and leaving me home with Caleb so I can get all this stuff sorted out. Hopefully by Wednesday night it's all done...but I somehow think I might need a little more time than that! Thanks to Caleb, who slept for 3 hours in a row, I got a lot done today! YAY! I love it when you feel like you've gotten something accomplished in a day. With 2 small kids, sometimes I go all day, and I look around the house which I have been cleaning on and off all day, and it still doesn't look like I did anything! At least today I feel like I've put a dent in the pile!

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