Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Exciting News!!

So, I haven't really been blogging too much these days, but I have been quite preoccupied lately. I think a lot of you already know this, but it's pretty exciting, and TOTALLY unexpected! We found out about a month ago that we are having another BABY!!! At first I was feeling majorly overwhelmed because our youngest one is only just 9 months old. The first thing I did after I found out was turn on the tv and watched 18 kids and counting, and that made me feel better! hehehe
But now that I've had some time to process it some more, I'm really excited, and I know I'm going to be super busy (Caleb and the new baby are going to be only 15 months apart), but it will be awesome! Everything happens for a reason, and at least this way, we'll go through all the stages quite quickly between the two of them. I'm pretty sure that this will be our last baby too...which does make me feel a little sad. Part of me doesn't want to be done having kids, but I really don't want to have 4. I think it just makes me a little sad to know that there will be no more babies after this, but it has to be like that at some point...I know I don't want to be another "Dugger" family! lol So, I'm due May 2nd. And we're pretty excited!! I have a little pic of the teeny little one here too...
although this ultrasound was too soon to find out, we will be finding out what this one is eventually...we didn't with our first two, but I want to this time...So, I'll keep you posted!!


cindy said...

Congrats on the new news:)

Carmen said...

Congratulations! It's all good! I had 3 in about 3 years time...and I had one 3 years older than them! All boys! Enjoy your pregnancy!!