Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crazy Exciting News Amongst Poor Baby Madness...

So, I am totally stoked today, because we put an offer on a house a couple days ago, and THEY ACCEPTED IT!!! We found out today that we have our mortgage approved, so all we have to do now is get a home inspection, and we can remove subjects and it's ours!!!!!!!!! It's our first home, so I'm very excited!! We're also living 45 minutes out of town right now with my mother in law (don't get me wrong, she's great) but it's just living with ANYONE else that can grate on your nerves after long enough. Being out of town isn't for us either, we're in town aaalll the time. So I was super excited that I found a house in town, in a great area for walking and really close to the church that we would like to go to (where I already go to a mom's group) as well. We get to take possession on February 26th!! I can't wait!! We probably won't move in right away, because we're staying with my mother in law to help her out over the winter, so we'll probably just slowly move our stuff in and unpack, then when spring comes, we'll be all ready to go! It's been a crazy few days getting all the paperwork and all that done, and it came at such a bad time for my youngest son, because on January 2nd, while I was cropping it up, he started puking, and hasn't stopped since! I was in the hospital all day with him today, because he hasn't been able to even keep water down. He's okay, and he didn't have to have an IV or anything, which was nice, but they did bloodwork to make sure everything was working as it should be, and tested for a bladder infection, and it's all's just a loooong lasting stomach flu as far as anyone can tell. He hasn't thrown up since this morning, so that's a good sign, and I'm crossing my fingers for no more! So needless to say between the excitement of buying our first house, and my little baby (who's going to be 1 on the 21st!) being so sick, I'M EXHAUSTED!! I was in need of some retail therapy tonight, so I couldn't help stopping by Creative Accents tonight to do some shopping. It's so crazy, because even when I think that there couldn't possibly be anything that I need there (because I really need Scrapbooking stuff (all you fellow addicts out there know what I'm talking about! lol) I see something that I haven't seen before (even though it's been there for a while) and I have to have it! lol So, to make a long story even longer, I bought some paper and stamps and shiny stuff and hopefully I'll get a chance to play with it all in the near future! I definately see a thank you card for my realtor in the future!

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