Friday, April 2, 2010

All moved in (almost) and ready to go!!

Well, we're finally in our new house and it's all ours!! I'm so excited to finally own a house!! It feels great, although I'm extremely broke now! lol I guess it just means I'll actually have to use my scrap stash instead of constantly buying new stuff for a while! Creative Accents might start feeling the pinch! lol
We're most of the way unpacked. I've got my scraproom unpacked as far as I can use it at least anyway! Our main floor is pretty much finished, we just have to paint one more wall and we'll be finished the living room. I will be posting pics soon. I will have to scan my before pics to post because I had a faulty memory card and it deleted all my pics! Thankfully I had JUST printed them all, so I didn't totally loose them, but it was still rather annoying!
Our new baby's room is painted and by my husband's next set of days off it will be finished! Which is a good thing, because I am only 4 weeks away from my due date now! And I must tell you, I've never made it to my due date with either of my first two boys. Who knows? This could be the one that wants to stay in's quite impossible to tell! But I do know that they'll only let him stay in for 10 days after my due I am certain that I will have a baby 5 weeks and 3 days from now for sure! lol
Ethan and Caleb are sharing a room, and that room was the first one to be painted and finished. My wonderful, hard working husband finished our bathroom a few days ago too! Thank God too, as the walls were painted a horrible grape purple color! not a bad color, just way too much to have in one room!
I have even had a little time to do some scrapping! This page took me forever to put together. I had the idea in my head, but I couldn't figure out how I wanted to execute it. Once I put it together, I didn't really like it...something was off...I had started by using grey cardstock as the background paper, then when I came home from the crop and had another chance to look at it, I put it on a blue PP from the cogsmo line and it all came together quite nicely!

So, I am going to try my hardest now to post regularly here, now that I am getting more settled...however I can't promise anything, due to my new little bundle who will be arriving shortly! I will definately keep everyone posted on that and post pics and his name when he comes!!

Ciao for now!!

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I can't wait to see it!!! Before I leave the Cariboo that is :)