Friday, September 10, 2010

Tara's Surprise Birthday Blog Hop!!

So the girls at Creative Accent's Seriously Creative Design Team and friends have decided to do a surprise blog hop for Tara's (the owner of Creative Accents) birthday today. You should've come here from the very talented Chris's blog. If you just wandered in here and want to join in on the hop, hop on over to the beginning at the fabulously creative Cheri's Blog.
So, we each made a card (or didn't like me, because I'm insane with my 3 little kids and a trip to Vancouver right now) I did start coloring an image, but that's as far as I think I'm going to get for now, so you'll have to stay tuned for the finished card...which may or may not get finished any time in the near future! But in any case, I still wanted to join the hop so I could say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA!!! In my husband's family, when it's someone's birthday we all go around the table at dinner and say something nice about them...not because we have to, but because it's true! So Tara, here's my nice things to you: You are a very kind and generous person, you have a great laugh, and you are a very talented artist :) I hope you are having an awesome day and that someone gets you a yummy cake for your birthday!! Sorry I didn't have time to make a card for ya!!

So, now you can head on over to Teila's Blog and continue hopping!! Don't forget to finish of at Creative Accents Blog and leave a happy birthday message to Tara!!

Have a good one Tara!!


Ashleigh said...

you guys are so sweet for doing this for her
cant wait to see your card

aecopenhaver at gmail dot com

Graphicat said...

Awww...what an awesome tradition Sarah! I think we should start that...everywhere!! LOL hope you have a fun and safe trip this weekend! Catch up with you when you're back!!

ms.espresso said...

Thanks for the kind words and birthday wishes, Sarah- late cards are fine by me :)