Sunday, May 15, 2011

My first Art Journal

I started this project because I wanted a new journal to write in, and I was sick of paying big bucks for cool looking journals when I have all the stuff to make a really cool one myself…Then after I made it, I was pretty darn impressed with it, and I thought that maybe other people would be too…So I brought it in to a funky local store in town here called The Hobbit House to see if they would sell these for me…and Leanne loved it and wants me to make a bunch of them! I was pretty stoked to hear that. She said that she had this journal for a day (I had to leave it there until she got there on monday) and she could’ve sold it three times already! So that’s going to be my next venture…my husband is so sweet because I told him about it and he told me that he works so I don’t have to! I told him that I wouldn’t count on these journals taking over the family income, but they’re fun to make! I love my hubby so much!

anyway, here’s my journal…and there will be a lot more from now on ;)


Here are some close ups



I made this rose out of a coffee filter…I can’t remember where I found the tutorial, but I will post my own here sometime soon!!

Hope you enjoy! Have a great day!!


Lynnda Hosni said...

WOW Sarah ... this is so so beautiful journal!! Love the WP... awesome.. and that dress so pretty too... TFS..hugs..xoxo

Nancy said...

That's a great art journal, very nice :)
Love the Hobbit House, good for you to get them in there :)

Hill Top Creations said...

Wow I see another class at CA I hope lovely idea Sarah. Take Care

lisa said...

Sarah, this is just beautiful x

ms.espresso said...

LOVE this, Sarah! Such a pretty journal, and a great way to earn some extra $ selling them :)

Tanya S said...

This is freakin' awesome!!No wonder it sold so quick.And the coffee filter flower???Brillant!!I'll take one for my Birthday please!LOL

Graphicat said...

Have you started using it daily?? I want to start one... if I can find some time! :) This is gorgeous darlin!!! Just gorgesou!

Roxy said...

Oooh, blogger is going to let me leave you a comment, yay! This is STUNNING!!! And I looooove the Hobbit House, haven't been in there in years, but congrats on getting your journals in there!

Irini said...

WOW.....Sarah this is a beautiful journal cover!
very inspiring!