Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Well it’s seems I’ve been turning into a regular old card maker these days! lol I haven’t even minded doing it either! I find that as long as I have a sketch for it, then I’m okay. I seem to wander aimlessly if I don’t have a sketch! So for this card I found a sketch over at Sketch Saturday that I used for this card:

My hubby is quite the motorbike enthusiast, so when I saw the card that Tara used for her dad’s father’s day card, I couldn’t help but use the same image, because it was perfect for him!

When I found this card in a seven gypsies atc pack, I had to buy it, because (I know this is really mushy) my hubby and I always say to each other “I love you” then he’ll say “I love you more” aaaaaaww!! lol I know *barf* hehe what can I say? sometime’s we’re just downright cheesy! The other sentiment and stamp are from CTMH.

Here’s what I learned: If you think that something is too thick to cut with the steel rule cutting dies…they probably are! I tried to cut our some super thick chipboard that I had kickin around and it cut it out, but I ended up spending the next half hour picking out little pieces out of the die, and it was so stuck in there that the clock was ruined when I tried to get it out.

When you have too many supplies, it’s hard to remember what you have! I thought for the longest time that I didn’t have any grey Copics, so I asked my aunt if I could borrow hers, and when she came over with them, I got mine out and realized I had all the same ones she did! lol it pays to check out your stash sometimes!

The Copic Spica red pen makes quite a lovely Candy Apple Red look on the motorcycle. I was quite impressed with how it turned out!

This card is also being entered into the challenge at The Paper Variety. They want you to use two or more text types in your project. I’ve got a few ;)

Well, that’s all for now :) I’m off to make some cards for my kids for “Son’s Day” (our oldest asked me why there is a father’s day, and a mother’s day, but no Son’s Day, so I think we may have started a new tradition in our family! The day after father’s day is now officially “Son’s Day”! So, happy father’s day everyone, and happy Son’s day tomorrow!!


Graphicat said...

LOL... You rock girl! son's day...hehe.... my mom and dad always used to say to us kids when we asked the same thing that "Everyday is KIDS day!!!" and I think I might be guilty of saying it to Brad a time or 2... LOL And OMG...Ew mush balls! (altho Jay and I do much the same. Oh I could say SO much about this post but....bottom line... Friggin AWESOME card!!!!

Tanya S said...

This is awesome!!I can't get over all the details.So many to love.Your kids are to funny,but I agree I think kids have everyday of the year.LOL.But hey can't blame the kid for tryin'.

Lynnda Hosni said...

Wow Sarah...this is so cool... love your card...awesome.... hugs...xoxo

debby4000 said...

Oh this is brilliant Sarah, absolutely love it.

Hill Top Creations said...

Wow just love it also really enjoying your tips. Sons day you may just be on to something. Take Care

patti west said...

hey daddy-o...i'm totally diggin' your fun card!!! :) :) thanks for sharing w/us at the paper variety!!

Anonymous said...

I love the clock and teh metal corner! Well actually the whole friggin card is absolutely amazing! You don't do cards........phhhhhhh............You are amazing Sarah! Awesome card.

Jo said...

This is so cool! *claps*
Thank you for joining in with us at sketch saturday
Jo xx

Patrice said...

Great father's day card!

Fabíola said...

I loved your blog, and your layers !!
I'm brazilian and I wanna make international friends !