Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Page Ethan Made!!

So, I came home yesterday afternoon after getting groceries, and I saw this on my kitchen table! While I was gone, Ethan had decided he wanted to make a scrapbook page for me. Chris told me that he picked out the paper and Chris helped him pick out the designs on the Silhouette. I love the flower with the googly eyes! That was the first thing Ethan said to me when he came home and I told him how much I loved it "Look Mom! It's got googly eyes!!" The funny thing is that after glueing the whole page down with a glue stick, my husband definately appreciates the existence of Glue Pens! He was like "that was hard to glue down!" hehehe He didn't know that there was anything else to glue with...I'm sure the next time him and Ethan make a project like this, he will be looking for my glue pen!


Graphicat said...

that is so sweet Sara!! I love it.
Just a little note. With your siloette and all your QK dies, I find the BEST thing for gluing it down is a xyron! You just stick them trhu the little X and viola....glue! And it keeps them all safe on a peice of paper till you're ready to place them on your lost i dots!! ;o) Better even than a glue pen!! LOL

Elizabeth Roberts said...

This is so sweet. I would treasure something like this.