Friday, July 31, 2009

Today was such a great day! We went to Blue Lake with the kids and another family, and it was beautiful there! It's been sooo hot that the normally freezing cold lake was quite nice today. We got out there and there were quite a few people there, but since we got there just after 3 in the afternoon a lot of people were starting to pack up already and pretty much everyone left shortly after we got there! It was perfect! Ethan had soooo much fun swimming. He went with me probably at least 6 times to the dock and back, and every time he would jump off the dock too! I was really glad to see him becoming more confidant in the water, because he is sometimes a little timid when it comes to swimming. We just got home around 9! we were out quite late, but the weather was so nice. I'm just realizing now that I forgot to put sunscreen on my back! I can feel the tightness of a burn starting! Oh well, it was worth it! Chris is still out, he's probably on his way back in soon anyway, him and Loren stayed and went out fishing again. Chris already caught one! I'm pretty excited because I love having fresh fish to eat! It's the best!
anyway, I've gotta go make a card for an anniversary party we're going to tomorrow in Likely. There's truely no rest for the wicked! Blue Lake today, Likely tomorrow and Big Lake on Sunday! Maybe monday I'll get my house cleaned (one can only hope!)

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