Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A 5 pounder!

My husband just came home like 10 minutes ago with this beauty of a rainbow trout! He is beaming from ear to ear! It's the biggest fish he's caught so far. He just got back into fishing this summer, and I'm so happy that he's got a hobby now. (now I don't feel so bad about all my scrapbooking expenses! lol although he has been dipping into that fund for his fishing lately! hehe I'm just kidding)
He is upstairs cleaning them as I write this (I am not such a dutiful wife that I clean the fish that he's brought home! I think I would throw up!) But I'll cook them for him later! I think we might smoke this one! It's way too big for the three of us to eat (Caleb isn't eating fish yet). So, we'll try out the mother in law's smoker ;)
I'm so proud of him! He caught 4 other fish tonight too! I guess I better get cookin'!

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ms.espresso said...

well congrats to hubby! Good thing we just ordered some more fishing papers, eh? ;)