Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

This weather we had today reminded me of fall, and I got soooo excited! I know the summer lovers out there are going to get mad at me for saying this (they do every year! lol) but I just can't wait for fall! I get a little nostalgic in the fall, and I love it! I'm doing these summer challenges for dixie pieces and all I can think of to scrapbook is all my halloween and fall pics from last year, and the year before (that I still haven't been finished...are we ever though?) So, I think tonight, I'm going to have to sit down, and get it out of my system before I get back to the summer layouts! So, stay tuned!


Elizabeth Roberts said...

I agree with you Fall is my favorite time of year the cool crisp air and craft fairs.

Heather Lough said...

We just had a taste of fall last week, and it felt great after we had a big heat spell. Now it's back to the heat for awhile.