Sunday, July 18, 2010

cuttin er close! lol

Nothing like getting in under the wire! lol This page was for a challenge at the PageMaps Blog. It ends tonight at midnight! lol! Anyway, this page took me FOREVER!! Do you ever have one of those projects that you're just soooo not into?! I hated this page for the longest time while I was making it, and I almost scrapped it a few times, but now that it's all put together and finished, I quite like it! I used the new Basic Grey Oliver paper which I LOVE! and Quickutz of course! I'm feeling really lazy right now, and I can't remember everything that I used and I'm not near my that's all you get to know about this page! LOL I know...kinda pathetic eh?! lol oh well, I'm sick and don't feel like getting up! So THERE! hehe! anyway, go check out the page maps blog it's great! it's got lots of inspiration in sketches and whatnot! Oh yeah, the challenge was to do a take on this sketch and use these three colors in it:


TesaB said...

That is soooo beautiful!!! Gorgeous soft colors - I love the Oliver papers too! Great paper tearing, love the distressed look that comes out of it, perfect to the papers!!!

Eulanda said...

Well despite your hatred over the page for awhile it DID turn out beautifully. Yup, I have had a project like that. It's so annoying. Love the SOAR & PLAY tickets. :)

Graphicat said...

Beautiful page! I miss scrapbooking, I must get back to it somehow. :o) We need a crop night or something....perhaps you need to come visit the pink room!