Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YAY Quickutz!! and Crazy Bread! lol

Well, today I went on facebook and found that Tara, the owner of my favourite LSS had linked a thingy to my page on the Quickutz gallery because it had been chosen to be on the front page of the Quickutz website!! The last LO that I put up on my blog "summer fun" is on the front page! There is a lot of great inspiration there if you want to check it out http://www.quickutz.com

On another note; if you own a Pro Series Kitchenaid stand mixer, I will tell you now DO NOT put 12 cups of whole wheat flour in it and try to knead it...because this might happen to you! My mixer overheated from abuse! and then I got sidetracked feeding my baby and when I came back to my dough, this is what I found! I had to take a pic of it!

Well, I hope you all got a good laugh out of that! Have a good night!!


Eulanda said...

OH MA GAWD!! That is messy but hilarious!!! Also, congrats on your page being on Quickutz's front page. YAY!

Hill Top Creations said...

Still think this is a great picture glad you were able to save it all. I miss being able to bake bread. (Husband is Celiac's so no wheat flour in the house. Take Care

crazymomma said...

HaaaaaaHaaaaaa! You can't hear but I cannot stop laughing everytime I see this pic.Man I wish someone got a pic of your expression seeing this!!LOL...anyway hee hee,haa haa,.....Congrats on being "published"!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all comments above, haaaahaaaaaa.........Did ya laugh or swear when you first saw the dough? Definately a piture moment! Congrats again on your pages being published, how exciting!