Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inkadinkadoo Finalist!!!

I was selected as a finalist in the Inkadinkadoo Creative Contest. It was to use a stamp in a creative way on a layout. I think you win like 1200 bucks in inkadinkadoo stuff!!! So if you love me, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Go Here and vote for me every day until Halloween!! I will be forever in your debt if you do!! and who knows...if I win, I might be willing to share my winnings in the form of some candy!!!!! Please vote every day!! (because you have nothing better to do! lmao!!) I know you're all busy, but I would love you forever if you do!!!! thanks!!!!

PS: this is the layout that I won the finalist spot for:

Don't forget to VOTE!!!!


Lynnda Hosni said...

woohoo... that Lo is fantastic... love how you did it.... just beautiful and clever.... i'll try my very best ok...:wink:...xx

Eulanda said...

Very smart layout to put that many photos on it. Good luck on that!